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Wanted help faulty DCX2496LE Ultradrive

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Topic: Wanted help faulty DCX2496LE Ultradrive
Posted By: Kermit70
Subject: Wanted help faulty DCX2496LE Ultradrive
Date Posted: 22 February 2021 at 9:09pm
Hi all, 

I'm a newbie to this great site and wondered if anyone could help. I need some help to repair a dead Behringer Ultradrive DCX2496LE I was given. This is for a personal project so I don't want to pay for a service centre repair and have some electronics skills myself.

I cannot find the service manual / schematic for this model, I have found a schematic for the non-LE version which is helpful, but the full schematic would be really helpful if anyone has one.

The unit is appears bricked and does not function. The only sign of life is the LCD backlight which comes on but the display does not show any text. I've checked the power rails which all seem fine. I think the issue may be with the ROM image or the physical ROM chip which had a damaged pin, which may have been from someones previous repair attempt. 

Does anyone know is this is a common fault ? or have any ideas to investigate. 

Is the ROM is available for download from anywhere ? I've seen ROM chips for sale n Ebay for the non-LE version but nothing for the LE version. 

If anyone has a dead unit or boards they are willing to sell, message me as I may be able to use to build one working unit.

Any help would be appreciated. 


Posted By: studio45
Date Posted: 23 February 2021 at 1:21pm
Hmmm...You are right, Behringer don't appear to have a specific version of the firmware for the LE unit on their website, and it sure as sh1t won't be available anywhere else!

Perhaps the latest firmware (v1.18) is universal and works on both units?

In any case the fix for this problem is to start the unit using a borrowed working EEPROM and get it connected to a PC via serial link, then while still running remove the borrowed chip and replace with a blank, then do the firmware flash process from the PC.

I have not seen inside the LE unit, is the EEPROM soldered into place? If so the first step is to remove it and fit a socket.

Studio45 - Box Builder Commotion Soundsystem -Mobile PA

Posted By: Kermit70
Date Posted: 24 February 2021 at 4:49pm
Hi Thanks.

The LE model is a cut-down version which doesn't have the serial port so there is no ability to flash the firmware via the unit. The EEPROM is socketed so I can swap and test with another ROM, which I don't have. I will try and download the ROM for the non-LE version and flash this, which may work enough to test the unit locate the fault.

Posted By: studio45
Date Posted: 24 February 2021 at 6:04pm
Right on....forgot bout that. So yes I suppose you will be looking for another way to get the firmware onto the chip. I would guess that could be done with a standalone EEPROM programmer, which I think are easy to get these days as everyone uses them for Arduino type devices. However I've not had much experience with that, so not sure if the DCX control software would do anything differently to general purpose EEPROM flashing apps. The chip itself I think is a standard part? Quite old fashioned now but a blank one should be available from somewhere easily enough.

If all the power supplies are working fine, I would bet the only fault is in fact the lack of working firmware. So it should just fire right up and require no further work once the chip is fixed. Whether the bits of the firmware that deal with input C and the PCMCIA slot will cause issues, I don't know. As the hardware is simply not there I doubt it. Those screens just probably won't do anything. 

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