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PD.185C003 in C-subs

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Topic: PD.185C003 in C-subs
Posted By: ultramars10
Subject: PD.185C003 in C-subs
Date Posted: 11 July 2021 at 12:19am
Hello everyone,
i've been a happy user of C-subs for the last 18 years now; 
i have contemplated fitting them with different drivers than the PD 1850 they were made for, but i never found anything better to load them with (*).

i saw in the past years some new models of 18" drivers released by precision devices, but nothing that could work (better) in the C-sub IMO.

Until last year, and the release of the PD.185C003: this one seems to match all the T/S parameters of the PD 1850, but with almost twice as much power handling, a bit better VAS, a bit of a lighter cone, better reference efficiency...

Did they finally improve on the PD 1850 ?
is this really gonna work as good and even better in a C-sub?
will the power compression offset the gain of power handling? (they say 1.6dB power compression @ 800w for the PD1850, but no figure for the PD.185C003 )
will the extra power increase the port air velocity beyond the limit of the design?
will the bigger VAS make me go down to F-3 @ 34.5hz instead of 35hz ?
will my cat still hide in my c-subs in spite of the reduced chamber volume due to the extra bump on the magnet ?

(*) Note: i made a A/B/C test once with several drivers : one C-sub loaded with PD 1850, one with void v-1000; one with turbomax 1500, all same amp/mike/soundcard settings, same speaker position: the response was as predicted for the PD 1850; a bit less gain on the low resonance with the void, and again less gain in the low resonance with the turbomax: that was in the same order as the VAS figure in the T/S parameters of these drivers.
Also, if we look at the X1 and the 184-sub designs, they both go lower than the C-sub, and they both use drivers with a bigger VAS than the PD-1850, so i guess you need the bigger VAS figure to extend the low end.
PD.185C003 has slightly improved its VAS upon the PD 1850...

"If it sounds right, it's right" (Joe Meek)

Posted By: ultramars10
Date Posted: 11 July 2021 at 12:24am
i forgot the links:" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -

"If it sounds right, it's right" (Joe Meek)

Posted By: ultramars10
Date Posted: 16 July 2021 at 9:36pm
Update: they have changed the power handling from 1500 to 1000w AES on the specs of the PD.153C003 since last time i looked at it: it is less impressive of an improvement for sure, especially for those who were thinking of upgrading, now this is still better than the 800w of the PD 1850, so PD.153C003 could be a good option for those who haven't bought their drivers yet.

Also, PD.153C003 has a better No, a lighter cone assembly,  50 mm peak-to-peak travel above the standard 36 mm for the 1850.

Any ideas ?

"If it sounds right, it's right" (Joe Meek)

Posted By: ultramars10
Date Posted: 27 July 2021 at 4:15pm
i've just got an answer from precision devices themselves, about mounting the PD185C003 in the C-sub:

"Bandpass cabinets are notoriously unforgiving of driver changes.

Looking at the TSP of both drivers the 185C003 would seem to be comfortable in this enclosure.

However if it is worth upgrading depends on what it is your trying to improve by the upgrade

185C003 will offer you more power than the standard 1850."

So, this should work. I think i'll buy one & try...

"If it sounds right, it's right" (Joe Meek)

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