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16x Tweeter Wiring + General setup

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Topic: 16x Tweeter Wiring + General setup
Posted By: Yaya Bee
Subject: 16x Tweeter Wiring + General setup
Date Posted: 13 September 2022 at 2:46pm
Hey everyone ! 

Just finished building a 6x scoops system and I need some advice before processing with wiring and loading the drivers.
Here is the full setup.

6x Super scoops w 6x rbx100 b&c 
Running with crown itech 12000hd (3 scoop per channel)

4x es18 w 4 rbx 100 b&c 
Running with crown itech 5000hd (2 kicks per channel) 

6x 12ndl76 b&c front loaded running with 
Crown xti4002 (3 drivers per channel) 

4xDE25 b&c (yet to decide on amp) 

16xcp22 divided in 4 boxes of 4 (yet to be decided on the amp) 

Preamp :) 

So I’m looking here to have some feedback for those of you who have time :) also need some help on how to wire those tweeters properly. The question is how to end up with two boxes of 4 in one channel for example. 
Also I’m not very good at electric setups so I’d like some tips on the fuse panel and how to protect from power cuts and peaks (being in india, it happens all the time) 


Posted By: eyeT
Date Posted: 14 September 2022 at 7:12am
Hi Yaya, I hope you're staying dry!
Wire two tweeters parallel, then two more parallel. Wire those two pairs in series and stick
them in a box. Do this until you have four boxes of tweeters. Then wire two boxes in series, for 16r. Or two boxes in parallel for 4r (assuming the tweeters are 8r each). you could also stick a capacitor on each box to protect against low frequencies, just in case.
For protection, get a box like Ballu has. The newer, full power one. I have a stabilizer which is ok but super heavy because of the power requirement. I think Ballu's box is a better idea. A plug strip with a pop up fuse, which you can get there, would be a good idea for the preamp as a last line of protection.
Get that soldering iron out! Ha Ha!
See you in Hydra' on the 27th if not before.

Posted By: Yaya Bee
Date Posted: 14 September 2022 at 8:45am
Hey Taus !!!

So nice to read you here brother. I’m coming soon but I won’t be here till 15oct ! Will probably see you during the season.

Bringing all tweeters with me ! Haha

Thanks for the wiring tip, I wasn’t sure how to proceed with so many tweeters… Confused

For the capacitor, which ones you recommend ? Must be one per box ? 

Tweeters are 8ohm so yeah two boxes shall come to 4ohm.

I saw a picture of you building one of those old school coxone like boxes !!! So niceee !!! Can’t wait to hear it !! 

Lookin forward to read you !! 

Bless brother 🙏🏾

Posted By: eyeT
Date Posted: 15 September 2022 at 8:45am
Hey Yaya,
Capacitors, one per box should do. My knowledge on this is not great and I'm only regurgitating what I have read here and elsewhere but a value which starts to protect one octave below the crossover frequency, it should have no effect unless something goes wrong. For an 8r speaker/box that would be a value of 13uf I think, if the crossover is 4khz. 10uf for 10khz. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will come along and can confirm that, or shoot it down and make a sensible suggestion. Try an online search for "capacitor for tweeter protection" or something similar.
Good luck Brother

Posted By: imageoven
Date Posted: 15 September 2022 at 3:39pm
16 of these?" rel="nofollow -

Do you really need that many?

Keep pushing on, things are gonna get better.

Posted By: Yaya Bee
Date Posted: 15 September 2022 at 4:09pm
Hey Taus ! 

Thanks I’m going to look into it. Bought some bullet tweeters in mapusa and there was one condenser on each one of them.

Let’s see ! Thanks for the tips ! 

Hey @imageoven ! 

Well it’s not entirely my project, I’m building for someone actually and his aim is to have two stacks of 3 scoops sometimes so 8 each. That’s a lot, I know cp22 are really good but better to have more and not be pushing them I guess. 

I personally would do with 8 and see. 


Posted By: eyeT
Date Posted: 16 February 2023 at 4:52am
Having some trouble coming up with a value for the cap', crossing over at 8k. On line calculators are coming up with something between 10uf & 15uf, as protection cap. But we have seen 1.5, 1.6 & 2.2 supplied with the tweeters or replacement diaphragms.
Is someone running these CP22 in their rig, crossing over at 8k? What value protection cap' would you recommended for these?

Posted By: eyeT
Date Posted: 16 February 2023 at 4:55am

Posted By: knet94
Date Posted: 16 February 2023 at 5:21pm
Personally think those capacitors are a waste of time. Set your LMS frequencies and limiters correctly and you won't need them.

Posted By: King Simeon
Date Posted: 17 February 2023 at 9:09am
Not everyone is using limiters or processing. 

No one ever used to in Reggae sounds and many still don't. 


Posted By: csg
Date Posted: 17 February 2023 at 10:15am
Capacitors can be a very good idea if you have an amp failure, particularly on older amps, or if there is ever a chance the rig gets wired up wrong.

As for values, 2uF for 16 Ohm or 4uF for 8 Ohm is a good starting point with a approx 5 KHz 1st order filter (6dB/octave). A slightly bigger capacitor will be fine.

Use good quality polyester 200V or greater, monacor do a decent range for decent prices, Cricklewood electronics is a good source in the UK

“The fact is this is about identifying what we do best and finding more ways of doing less of it better”

Posted By: knet94
Date Posted: 17 February 2023 at 4:14pm
The o.p is intending to use Crown ITech and XTi on Sub, Kick and Mids. As far as I'm aware these amps come with built in limiters. Although he has not stated what he is going to use on Horns and Bullets, I really don't think they will be the type of older amps that will be an issue here. 

I gave up those things about 30 years ago. The o.p seems like a pretty up to date guy who I'm pretty sure wouldn't want to run his system without limiting or processing.

Posted By: eyeT
Date Posted: 25 February 2023 at 1:14pm
Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure how they proceeded with this but they have got decent amps and I know they have read this thread.

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