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Coax tops on the X1

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Topic: Coax tops on the X1
Posted By: volcano
Subject: Coax tops on the X1
Date Posted: 24 September 2004 at 5:04pm


I'm planning to build a new setup, a sub with coax satelites on top. I'm going to use the X1 as the subs (I heard some good comments from it, here on the forum). As I have no experience at all with coax drivers I would love some advise.

I think they have to be 15 inch for the punch around 80 Hz (12 inch can be to weak)with a 2 inch driver to keep up with the dB's.... Is it a good idea to also put in a slot tweeter (I have loads of these).

The top boxes need to have very good sound and to be as little as possible. I rather pay some more for a good sound.

So any advise is very much welcome


Posted By: volcano
Date Posted: 28 September 2004 at 3:41pm
No one a good adivce for a good sounding coax?????

Posted By: loophole
Date Posted: 28 September 2004 at 4:24pm
PAudio BM-15CX38 is powerful, uses a 2inch comp and looks like it would kick ok at 80. ive never heard one, but the plot looks pretty good........

Posted By: JD01
Date Posted: 29 September 2004 at 2:09am

The general problem with coax speakers is the high crossover frequency between cone and HF driver. It will be ok with 10" and maybe with 12" and big HF driver on it, but most 15" coax have a 'too high' crossover frequency to make really good sound.

For what reason do you want a coax top?

The slot driver would be 'no good'. A coax speaker has two main advantages:

1. You can do a smaller front because you don't need space for the hf horn.

2. and more important is the fact that the sounds origin is the same point for MF and HF.

So if you now put in a slot driver, at least the second isn't given anymore.....

Posted By: loophole
Date Posted: 30 September 2004 at 12:52pm
but keeping at least sub-14kHz freqs as a single point source is still going to help with beaming and such - i don't think adding a supertweeter would be 'no good'.
i realise that the slot driver will be the most affected by being off center, as it is playing the shortest wavelengths, but will it perhaps also be the least noticed? many rigs go without supertweeters altogether, and all but the most accustomed listeners would probably not notice beaming at that frequency. and if you keep it on axis vertically at least, then you're only going to get interference as you move back or foward from the system, which while not ideal, I find to be much less noticeable

Posted By: volcano
Date Posted: 30 September 2004 at 3:35pm

The main reason for using a coax is indeed the small front dimensions of the box, with not to much problems with time phases.

I was thinking about using slots because of the harsh sound a 2 inch can give (I know the d&b coax and at higher volumes the sound is Bad!!) Slots give as I believe a much sweeter sound. Thiking about crossing them at 8kHz so the problem with time alingment at those freqs would be minimum, or should I cross higher?

Maybe it's just better to buy a pair and then test with and without the slot.

btw; is the b&c 15cx40 any good? (has high Q so maybe good in a little close box?) the p audio also looks OK

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