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Proline 2700/3000

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Topic: Proline 2700/3000
Posted By: mattd
Subject: Proline 2700/3000
Date Posted: 18 April 2012 at 10:42am
So people seem very happy with these. I am with mine.
Was wondering has anyone had any issues at all with them - any failures -  faults etc ?

Posted By: geoSal
Date Posted: 18 April 2012 at 12:10pm
the power switch in the front is a cheap component and it's a matter of time to fail.
it did it to mine unfortunately during a gig.replaced it with a better one and everything ok since then.

No other problems.plenty of power but only for sub or mid bass duties.not very clean and fast for mid-hi..

Posted By: levyte357
Date Posted: 18 April 2012 at 12:51pm
There is a thread by DJ Leco around here somewhere, regarding  updating certain components in the inrush circuitry." rel="nofollow -

Originally posted by DJLeco DJLeco wrote:

Mine club amplifier, saturday it have sudden death...

Working on 2,66 ohm/channel/mid-hi 110 Hz above.

Died NTC thermistors 10 ohm  from inrush current limmiter circuit.

But oficially, those must been shorted by blue relais after 2-3 seconds from startup, but relais doesnt receive 24 volts for coil...

TO ALL OWNERS OF PROLINE 2700,PROLINE 3000, SI PHONIC, check and better , REPLACE, parralel diode on relais coil  (D503 at  Proline 2700 si 3000),Specially if is 1N4148 with 1N4007.

Also replace the transistor wich commands the 24Vdc for relais coil (TR503 at Proline 2700 si 3000), officialy is C2240 (2SC2240) with BD139 or better, BD237.

As ideea, the ones wich have Proline 2700, or Proline 3000 amps, and found those NTC thermistors burned, the relais doesn't work well.


Amp 1:

Burned PCB:

Output devices, originals ON Semiconductor:

Final stage Ch1:



NTC differency with the ones that I put there:

NTC changed:

Secondary Cu-Em, just 1,5mm diameter, TOO TINY!!

Soft start:

Here is where must be changed those transistors and diode!


[size=16]Small movies:

Inrush current limmiter now working!:" rel="nofollow -

Prezentare+1Ch @ 1000 Hz ,max 76,5 Vrms-4 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Ch1+Ch2 @ 1000 Hz/4 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Ch1+Ch2 @ 100 Hz/4 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Ch1+Ch2 @ 30 Hz/4 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Ch1+Ch2 @ 5000 Hz/4 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Ch1+Ch2 @ 10000 Hz/4 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Ch1+Ch2 @ 20000 Hz/4 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Just Ch 1 @1000Hz and 100 Hz/2 ohm:" rel="nofollow -
Just Ch 1 @30 Hz-2 ohm" rel="nofollow -
Just Ch 1 @100 Hz/2 ohm supply voltage dropping:" rel="nofollow -
Advantages and disadvantages:" rel="nofollow -
Comments or questions,are welcomed!

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Posted By: Tekasis
Date Posted: 18 April 2012 at 11:58pm
Originally posted by mattd mattd wrote:

So people seem very happy with these.
The few around us all the owners are well over the moon with them and their performance on sub!
Originally posted by mattd mattd wrote:

Was wondering has anyone had any issues at all with them - any failures -  faults etc ? 
Not yet!

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