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Forum Name: MT122
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Topic: Mt122
Posted By: Exodus
Subject: Mt122
Date Posted: 25 October 2004 at 3:09pm

Hi there, I am thinking about making a single MT122. I was wondering what passive crossover would be sutiable, maybe the Vx3 designed for the x12?

Would a single MT122 using the SN12B and the BMD750 keep up with 2x HD15's possibly running the C500LF of the BM15LF. At a later date i plan to add one more MT122 mid unit and some X1's, but for now the HD15's will do all the bass. 

Posted By: loophole
Date Posted: 25 October 2004 at 6:15pm
will more than keep up, i would say ratio should be 3-4 hd15s to one mt122

Posted By: loophole
Date Posted: 25 October 2004 at 6:17pm
oh and i really wouldn't run it passive, invest in a basic active at least, vx3 will not suit the mt122 as it uses different mid drivers, and is horn loaded (different behaviour even if they were the same driver)
if you're going to build a professional touring cabinet like the mt122, then you don't want to be wasting power and money running things passive.

Posted By: Dom
Date Posted: 25 October 2004 at 8:37pm

Definately run it active, as you'll end up crossing over much lower than you would on a X12, and you should be looking at driving the midrange with at least 1000W across the drivers (and another 150W for the compression driver) and you won't find a passive crossover that can handle that sort of power.  You'll also want to be able to time align the different sections, which you won't be able to do on a passive split.

Did a party with Norty last week and one MT122 per side more than kept up with 4 HD15's driven with 2200W and an 18" scoop running subs driven with another 1200W.  In fact they never even broke into a sweat...

Posted By: norty303
Date Posted: 25 October 2004 at 8:46pm
In fact nothing ever broke a sweat (apart from the barn!)  They certainly had a load of 'presence' and the tops so high up they were firing well over everyones heads but still way more than enough.  How much headroom was there incidentally Dom, I never got round to looking/asking how hard things were running.  Was there really only 1200w into those scoops?  By the time you'd calmed them down they were hardly running and still OTT!

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Posted By: Dom
Date Posted: 25 October 2004 at 9:13pm

It was all a bit silly in the end to be honest...  The amp running the tops never actually lit a signal light all night, the mids and kicks had the -20db lights on and by the end of the night the -10db lights were coming on on the beat...

The scoops were run off a chevin 6000, one per channel which is 1200W.  We could of bridged it and driven them with 3k each, (he he he...) but the barn sounded like it was about to fall down at any minute anyway....

I reckon it was all down to Greg's EQ settings...

Posted By: norty303
Date Posted: 25 October 2004 at 9:40pm

[sorry for thread hijack - normal service will resume shortly]

Thing is, doing the maths, I made that about 5 - 5.5k of power per side that night (1200+2200+whatever mids/tops were running) and yet I can't imagine my 6k getting near the sort of sound one of those stacks was making, even ticking over like it was.

If it does I'll be pissing myself but it shows what a well designed rig can do on what seems to be quite small power (ok, there was 2 of 'em also...but still)  Those HD15's were already starting to pump some air even turned down like they were, 'Murder was the Bass' sounded f**kin awsome (like you couldn't tell )

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Posted By: loophole
Date Posted: 26 October 2004 at 10:11am
Originally posted by norty303 norty303 wrote:

Those HD15's were already starting to pump some air even turned down like they were, 'Murder was the Bass' sounded f**kin awsome (like you couldn't tell )

went down very well when we took our hd's out for the first time too......

dom: im assuming the scoops you mention are your 18" superscoopers? what are your thoughts on these? any comparison to x1s, or labhorns as far as some subs to go under my hd15s are concerned? would normally rule out scoops, but those superscoopers look like something quite different, and they go looow! any thoughts on the 21" version?

Posted By: Dom
Date Posted: 26 October 2004 at 10:33am

Nope, those superscoopers went into a club.  That's why they were made out of MDF...

The scoops belonged to a mate from www.dsfaudiohire - DSF .  They're not superscoopers, they are the same 18" scoop that Dillinja uses in Valve Sound System.

We were taking them out as an experiment as (like you it seems) we're looking for something to play that extra octave...  Can happily get the HD15's playing low with 6 a side and a bit of EQ to even the response, but I think a sub sitting underneath 4 will just let everything work more efficiently.  Going to build a few bandpass designs as well and compare them to the sound of the scoops.  Labs sound nice, but I'm not prepared to lug 4 labs per side around just to get an extra 10hz out of my system.  Also not prepared to put up with reconing drivers at the rate they seem to eat them, compared to track record I have with PD drivers....

The superscoopers sound really good to be honest.  Two got loaded with PD186's and 2 with PD1850's.  Initially they were run off a 2450 bridged, so they got 1200W each, and it was making the room rattle so much we ended up running them in stereo instead, so they get 500W instead.  Play loud and low even used in singles.  Scoops get a lot of unnecessary stick.  Bang for buck they're really hard to match. 

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