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JBL 2226H drivers in HD15 boxes JBL SR system HELP

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Topic: JBL 2226H drivers in HD15 boxes JBL SR system HELP
Posted By: puffah
Subject: JBL 2226H drivers in HD15 boxes JBL SR system HELP
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 10:08am
So I need some advice on my sound system. Right now I have a big pile of JBL SR gear. I know its older. But I feel what Im building should work pretty well. Any advice would be great. So here is the idea as it stands right now. 

I have (8) jbl SR4726A 15" two way top boxes. 
          (6) jbl SR4719A  double 18" subs
          (4) jbl SR4715A double 15" boxes

I was going to take apart the JBL SR4715a's and save the boxes. Then take the (8) 2226H drivers and build 8 HD15 horns. How well do you think these jbl 2226H drivers will perform in the HD15 boxes as kick/midbass. How well do you think think the hd15's will stack in this system. Is it even worth doing?? I was thinking it would give me much better control on Kick. Plus there is no way to stack the jbl SR4715A into the system because of the shape of the boxes. They can not be laid down. So really my only way of doing this would be to build something like the hd15. I feel this will be far better then if I had bought the double 15" jbl top boxes. Those things are so hard to move around and are super heavy. plus I would not have been able to break up my mid and mid bass into separate boxes and amps. 

 I will have (6) 18's per side. (4) 15" hd15 mid bass kicks per side (4) top boxes per side. I may need to build 2 small spacer for the subs to even the stack out for when we strap it together. Or I could get two more sub boxes. But if I do that I think I would need to get bigger sub amps. So Im going to go with what I have

For power I have (3) crown K2 amplifiers for the tops. I could buy a 4th one if needed.
                         (2) qsc plx3602 to run the mid bass
                         (2) qsc power light 4.0 to run the subs

If I bi amp the tops I have 2 classic ashly fet 500s to run my horns. Or just run the 3rd K2 crown.  The FET500s are super heavy, but I know a bunch of sound guys who swear those old FETs are great on horns. They weigh a ton though like public enemy's uzi

Other random amps I have that could be used 

2 ashley FTX 2000 amps
4 crest ca6
4 crest ca9
2 crest ca12
2 crest vs-900
2 crest vs-1100

any advice would be great. I think I have something that should sound pretty good once its all put together. I have been buying these pieces over a long period of time. The goal was to build something that is boarder line crazy out of gear I could find on craigslist for cheap. There are a fair amount of the old SR boxes around If you are patient and look. The guys who owned them are getting older and don't want to move heavy gear around or are retiring. Plus it is older gear. I know I could have bought new drivers and built boxes and the system would run at higher power and be smaller. That will come after we try and get this to pay for its self first. Honestly if you saw what I paid for some of this you would shake your head it was so affordable. This system with power and cases I think I will be into it for around 6500 bucks. Not counting the pile of random power amps I have not being used. I feel its a good value for what I am building. I would love some others opinions on it.    

 Thanks for taking the time to read 
sound quality denver co
 nathan brown

vicious bass since 1988

Posted By: bass*en*mass
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 4:07pm
4x 90° horns per side, hmm, wondering how you going to deploy them to avoid horrible comb filtering.. (to be honest, its almost impossible..)

those 2226s are ideal for reflex cabs so best keep them in such?
(have you personally heard hd15? do you like them? why exactly do you want them?)

Posted By: Shortrope
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 7:33pm
Those 2226 will be wasted in an HD15.
They're a lovely sounding Mid/Bass driver in a nice simple reflex cab.

My Tinnitus is coming along nicely!!

Posted By: puffah
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 8:15pm
I just was looking for a box I could build that would fit between the two cabs. No I have never heard hd15's. I have just seen others use them for mid bass boxes so I figured that was their designed purpose. It listed the jbl-e140 as a usable driver which is close to the characteristics of the 2226h. I could just build reflex boxes for them I guess. 

No i never really thought of comb filtering. Im a home theater low voltage engineer. I work in big custom homes. I understand what it is. But don't have a ton of experience with it. This project was me just trying to have some fun. I was expecting to put the tops next to each other 4 across.

vicious bass since 1988

Posted By: bass*en*mass
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 9:38pm
hd15 needs specific drivers in my books to work properly within intended passband..
(not the typical common reflex drivers imo)

honestly, get 2 more of those 215s to stack them on their sides for proper height for the Tops, put the 218s in a monoblock infront of stage, sell those 4 Tops and get 4x 212s with max 60° dispersion for arrays of 2, ideally with a beefy compression driver to keep up with all those bass..

edit - realized that compression driver in those is already "quite beefy" so the horns are the only real issue imo.. those 15" mids might be the limiting factor for further bass upgrades though.

(thats if you do such large`ish shows only.. for smaller gigs or for dj monitors or side/infills those tops you have might come in handy but cant keep up with the subs in full config)

Posted By: puffah
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 10:24pm
I could just put the tops on top of the double 15 boxes and put the subs in the middle between the two stacks. I have not bought this second pile of gear yet. I need to put a deposit on it tomorrow if I want it. You guys are kind of scaring me away from it. Right now I personally own 4 of the SR4726A  tops and 4 of the double 15 subs. They stack on top of each other. Then have 2 of the double 18" sr subs. in the middle. 

I also have 8 jbl sr4718 bottoms with jbl4725 tops

also have (5) mrx518s and 3 srx718s subs. 

also have (12) jbl sr4722a

one pair of jbl sr4732

(4) mrx512m monitors

I know a big random pile of stuff. I got a bunch of it for free, There was a big tit bar here in denver being ripped down and I knew the owners. they never pulled the gear and while they where demo the building I got a call I could pull it all out for free. Other stuff I got for next to nothing. I got 4 jbl4725 tops for 200 bucks and the other 4 out of a church. then I stumbled across the matching subs on two other deals for short change. Then I got the double 15's the 2 double 18 sr subs and 2 sr4732 and and 2 jbl 4726 tops with extra drivers for 1000 bucks. 

 So I stumbled across this other pile of gear the other day which was four of the sr4726a and 4 of the double 18 subs. I figured it matched what I already had and I could just stack it all together. I have been reading a lot on the comb filtering problem like you said. I could maybe trade out the horn for a 50x80 and mod the box a little. But its probably not going to work with 4 top boxes like that a side . I might be able to get away with 2 on top of the double 15's and just keep my system the way it is right now. 

vicious bass since 1988

Posted By: puffah
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 10:25pm
here is a link to the pic of gear I was about to go and add to my system." rel="nofollow -

vicious bass since 1988

Posted By: puffah
Date Posted: 21 May 2017 at 10:51pm
bass en mass what are 4 x 212's is that 4  double 12" cabs. I don't mind building boxes. I have all this jbl stuff and Im trying to take the pile and build a coherent system out of what I have. I don't really want to take all my 4722 apart for their 12's. I want to save those as a sound system for a Bar. I thought it was a good idea to buy this other stuff because it all matched. But maybe Im just fine with what I already have. Or figure out how to deploy what I have better by building different boxes . Or maybe I sell some stuff off and buy the right thing. I don't know. My plans seem to be in shambles now. LOL

vicious bass since 1988

Posted By: puffah
Date Posted: 22 May 2017 at 12:52am
is there any way to just change the horn lens out for something else like this? put the 60 on the vertical and the 50 on the width or would you still have comb filtering problems? if you put two boxes next to each other ?? or 4 boxes next to each other" rel="nofollow -

I have seen these exact cabs stacked like this a million times. how do people deal with this. Is it just something people ride or die with and just don't care??? Im just trying to put on some warehouse parties and not concerts. Does comb filtering make a huge difference when music is playing. Life is not a perfect world." rel="nofollow -

vicious bass since 1988

Posted By: bass*en*mass
Date Posted: 22 May 2017 at 4:25am
..just because plenty people to things a certain way doesnt make it right :)
of course you can ignore comb filtering and just make some noise..

btw. your bunch of different cabs and changing numbers within this thread makes it quite hard to follow and advice for a useful combination imo, best to list the total of available drivers/horns/comps here to get an overview. (which ones do you actually own, which ones are optional)
as you seem to have many of the same drivers it might be best to stick with these and get suitable matching empty cabs to form a large system and sell parts that dont fit in to free some cash?

Posted By: puffah
Date Posted: 22 May 2017 at 8:38pm
what I own now complete list. 

4  JBL SR4726A 
4 JBL SR4715a 
2 JBL SR4715a
8 jbl sr4718
10 jbl sr4725
3 srx718s
2 jbl sr4732
12 jbl sr4722a
4 mrx512m
2 mrx515

vicious bass since 1988

Posted By: bass*en*mass
Date Posted: 22 May 2017 at 8:59pm
could you count and list drivers please, it takes an hour to get an overview over that lot haha, you might get more useful response if people wont need to spend ages to get a bigger picture.. just saying..

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